Frequently Asked Questions

Our Competitive Edge can be described under the following areas,

  • Products
    • Products we offer at are the most loved and top rated products in the market. We make sure that our customers get the best products according to their requirements
    • Performance and reliability of our product range is way more higher than the other stores in the online as well as the offline market place
  • Value added services
    • Through our website we have enhanced your experience of selecting and ordering the product you need from anywhere you are in to anytime you want in the day
    • We offer worldwide free shipping for our customers 
    • We make sure our customers are satisfied regardless of what they purchased and when they did the purchasing. Our customer support team ( works around the clock to make the fore said happen 
  • Relationship with customers
    • As a company which values customer satisfaction is core, we have built great relationships with our customers over the time. We believe that is the main reason for us to stay strong in business since the beginning 
  • Quality at affordable prices
    • We offer the products of best quality at a affordable price

We regularly operate with a shipping policy which allows a maximum of 30 days for you to receive the order. If you haven't received the order on time, you get your money back and you get the product for free.
But since the pandemic and 'Import & Export Policy' changes in most of the countries shipping has been taking longer than before to reach the customers. However we ensure that you receive the order as soon as possible.

We have improved our order tracking system to make sure that you are updated of the shipping status of your order at any given time.

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Yes, we do
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