About Us

ZAQSA is a reseller of world's best Health & Body Care Equipment to improve the health condition of the people which is at present going on a down trend. We are now online to deliver the best products and the best eCommerce experience to all of our customers around the globe.

 Our Story

Zahidh & Aqeel, founders of ZAQSA were two sportsmen and entrepreneurs who worked really hard for almost 16 hours a day. At the end of each day they were exhausted physically as well as mentally. They often went to the spa to get some deep & intense massages to relieve their stress and get rid of muscle injuries. But, this costed them a lot in terms of time & money. That is what made them check out Muscle Guns. Then these young gentlemen worked on helping the others who were facing similar problems as they did. This turned into a business in 2017 and now ZAQSA is not only selling massage guns but also other Health & Body Care Equipment for affordable prices while offering free shipping to all of our customers.

Our Products

Our key focus is the well being of the human at large. Hence we offer top of the quality Health & Body Care Equipment which enhances your health condition of our clients physically and mentally.

Our Vision

Create A Healthy Tomorrow